The goal of the American Cancer Society (ACS) is to prevent cancer, save lives, and diminish suffering from cancer. Enter the areas below to learn more about ACS efforts to meet this goal.


  • The American Cancer Society is the largest source of private, not-for-profit cancer research funds in the United States, second only to the federal government in total dollars spent. The Society has spent about $146 million on cancer research in FY 2007.
  • Since 1946, the Society has invested over $3.3 billion in cancer research. The research program consists of 3 components: extramural grants, intramural epidemiology and surveillance research, and the intramural behavioral research center.

    The extramural program supports investigator-initiated projects taking place in leading centers across the country, as well as training grants in selected health professions. Applications for grants are subjected to a rigorous external peer review, which ensures that only the highest quality applications receive funding. The success of the Society’s research program is exemplified by the fact that 42 Nobel Prize winners received grant support from the Society early in their careers.